About The Southern Gentle Man

This newsletter is the place where collard-greens meet critical-theory. It’s about sipping espresso in a Parisian Cafe as slowly as sweet-tea on your Grandma’s front porch. It’s for lovers of single-barrel bourbon and Jean-Michel Basquiat, who listen to Classical violin like cicadas on a summer night.

It’s a where boxing fans watch ballet dancing, and see beauty in an uppercut as easy as a pirouette. It’s discovering new cultures while pondering the metaphysics behind pipe-tobacco and bonfires.

It’s about the times when fighting for social-justice is simply called “being the Man your Daddy raised you to be”. 

Who you’re dealing with.

I’m Britton, a White-Southern writer married to an Afro-Latina academic, currently traveling through NYC, Europe & West-Africa. I quit my job to write, box, sip bourbon, learn French, and experience all the world has to offer in support of my wife’s career.

I exist in worlds that are supposed to be at odds with each other. Instead, I’ve found love in between binaries. I’m an advocate for progressive social-justice, but I’m still trying to living up to the ideals my Pawpaw taught me. I’m not following the “traditional” route, but there are some traditions worth keeping.

My writing life

I hold an M.F.A. from The New School and an M.A. from Brooklyn College. I was the recipient of a Tennessee Williams Scholarship at the 2016 Sewanee Writers Conference, was shortlisted for the 2017 Nick Darke Award, and was an alternate-finalist for a 2018 Ucross Residency. My stage-plays have been presented regionally and off-off Broadway with NY Fringe, The Flea, HERE Arts, The New School for Drama, Dune Arts Center, and Pinch n' Ouch, among others. My writing has been published in the The New York Times , the New York Public Library 'Zine, and the Percolate Blog.